European Best Destinations (EBD) has published its list of the 20 most popular European tourist destinations for 2024, and Marbella has taken the throne. The ranking was decided by more than one million travellers from 172 countries, who chose Marbella as the best out of more than 500 destinations.

Not only is Marbella the most beautiful, sunny and exclusive European destination this year, but it has also been voted the best golf destination in Europe this year. As a result, this picturesque town simultaneously doubles its international recognition and also becomes the first Spanish destination to top the rankings.

In 2022, Marbella ranked 2nd on the list of Europe’s top tourist destinations after Ljubljana in Slovenia.
With a gap of two years, it has now been selected as the best place to visit in 2024.

A magnet for the most demanding golf enthusiasts: Marbella

It is nothing new that Marbella is a golf paradise, but it is difficult to be one and to remain a world reference for so many years. This beautiful city has not only remained one of the best golf destinations, but has long attracted all profiles of golfers, from seasoned professionals to passionate amateurs. In addition, this year it is leading the way as a TOP Golf holiday destination, even for the most demanding world tourists.

In Marbella, and all along the Costa del Sol, there are dozens of prestigious golf courses and facilities dedicated to this sport. Each of them stands out for its unique characteristics. Many have first-class infrastructure and first-class golfing facilities, and some resorts have even won numerous awards for golfing.

A wide range of accommodation to suit all preferences. Golfers can choose from nearby resort hotels to golf villas located right on the golf courses.

    Properties on the front line of golf courses

    For the committed golf enthusiast, there is even the option of acquiring a golf-focused property in Spain, such as a villa or a luxurious and relaxing flat just a few metres from an independent golf course, which you can find in our property search engine.

    Not only in terms of great golf resorts, but also thanks to its advanced infrastructure and excellent living conditions, Marbella is at the top.
    The local climate is ideal for outdoor activities all year round. In addition, the town offers a wealth of services and facilities tailored to golf enthusiasts, making it one of the best places to buy a holiday home in Spain.

      Marbella, the best place to meet celebrities and celebrities is also the best place to travel in 2024.

      Marbella and its beautiful resort of Puerto Banús have been a destination for European high society for a century. The city is also considered one of the best places to live in Spain. It has always been a place for luxury vacation experiences that combine a luxurious lifestyle with Mediterranean living. Viajeros de todo el mundo visitan Marbella para descubrir su mezcla única de belleza mediterránea, riqueza cultural y ambiente animado durante todo el año.

        Mild climate 365 days a year.

        The sun always shines on Marbella. Spain’s Costa del Sol enjoys almost 300 days of sunshine a year. These pleasant weather conditions enhance the value of Marbella not only as a seasonal holiday destination, but as a year-round destination for a great vacation.

        The city is surrounded by the imposing Sierra Blanca mountain range. This protects the city from staggering heat waves. As a result, Marbella never experiences extreme winters or scorching summers. Marbella’s microclimate reaches an average of 30 °C in summer and drops to about 12 °C in winter. If you want to know more about the weather in Marbella, you can consult our specialized article.

          Beaches in Marbella

          There are more than 20 beaches along the coast, with a total of about 30 kilometers, each with a restaurant on the beach where you can enjoy the best Mediterranean diet are countless quality Chiringuitos that can be found in front line and such a wide range where there is room for the most exclusive and demanding customers.

          The beaches of Marbella ( attract all types of sun lovers who opt for relaxation and coastal bliss. In addition, there is a palm-lined promenade lined with palm trees along the sandy beaches of Marbella. Visitors will find beach clubs, cafes overlooking the sea, bars and restaurants where they can sip refreshing cocktails and soak up the lively Marbella atmosphere.

          What are the most popular beaches in Marbella? Playa Puerto Banus is located at the western end of town, next to the most luxurious marina on the Costa del Sol. The palm trees and the nearby marina offer a very pleasant beach atmosphere. There is also the popular Playa de Venus, in the center of town very wide and with all services surrounded by restaurants, as well as the beach of La Bajadilla and Nagüeles. All beaches are connected by a beautiful promenade full of life and palm trees, which begins at the eastern end of Playa El Cable and extends to Puerto Banus, where you will also find other quieter beaches such as Playa de Nagüeles or Playa de Rio Verde.

            Unlimited services and unforgettable experiences

            Marbella offers endless excursions for all types of visitors. There are endless things to do and see. There are dozens of activity centers for the whole family. While vacationers can sunbathe on the beach while sipping the most refreshing drinks, sports enthusiasts can try all kinds of sports, from windsurfing to golf, etc….

            Adventurers will find plenty to do here. Numerous excursions are available from Marbella. History and art lovers can explore the rich historical past of Andalusian cities and discover numerous monuments with walking tours organized by local guides.

            In terms of culinary culture and nightlife, Marbella offers everything from Michelin-starred restaurants to the most authentic Spanish-style restaurants. Here you can choose from a diverse range of the world’s best cuisines and chefs. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, dining al fresco on the beach or under the stars is a refined Marbella experience.

              Large real estate market

              Over the decades, the demand for property in and around Marbella has become more pronounced than ever. Whether you are looking for a luxury villa or apartment on the beach or a modern penthouse in the city center, Marbella offers a wide range of options to suit all tastes and preferences. Those interested in Spanish property have the opportunity to explore a wide range of options, from affordable apartments to spectacular villas of all kinds of design. .

              Transportation accessibility

              Another advantage of Marbella is its accessibility by transport. The nearby Malaga International Airport, which is the fourth largest airport in Spain, has direct flights from the most important destinations in the world throughout the year. Other nearby airports such as Seville and Gibraltar can also be used. From the airport you can reach Marbella in about 35 minutes by car or public transport. Arriving at Malaga-Costa del Sol airport, the journey to the center of Marbella takes about 35 minutes.

                Your people

                  1. . Marbella, no podemos acabar este artículo sin destacar a su gente, ya que tiene un carácter fascinante y vibrante. Todo ello conjuga la fórmula perfecta para compartir algunos aspectos sobre la personalidad y la vida en esta hermosa ciudad de la Costa del Sol:

                    1. Their hospitality and friendliness, the people of Marbella are known for their warm hospitality and friendliness. They will often greet you with a smile and are always ready to help you. Relaxed Lifestyle, Marbella is a place where a relaxed lifestyle is valued. People here enjoy the beaches, sun and good food. It is not uncommon to see locals taking their time to enjoy life and free time when the day is over. International Culture, Marbella atrae a personas de todo el mundo debido a su clima, sus costas y sus complejos deportivos. This has created a diverse community with cultural influences from all over, so it is very common to hear a wide variety of languages just walking through the streets. Taste for Fashion and Luxury, Marbella is famous for its luxurious lifestyle. Many residents appreciate fashion, elegant restaurants and exclusive activities, as long as their pockets allow it. RRespect for the Tradition, Despite its modernity, Marbella also values its traditions. The city has a rich history that is reflected in its architecture and local festivals. A very remarkable historical past from prehistoric settlements discovered in Sierra Blanca, Phoenicians and Carthaginians, Roman heritage in the historic center, Islamic period with its ancient “medina” current “Old Town” demolished to open the now known as Plaza de los naranjos.

                    In short, Marbella is a fascinating mix of people from different backgrounds, all enjoying the beauty of the Mediterranean and the charm of this seaside town.

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