What´s the weather like in Marbella?

Marbella the weather


If you´ve come this far, It´s because you´re wondering what the weather´s like in Marbella, or what the weather´s like on the Costa del Sol. Well, we should know that Spain has a mild climate for most of the year, althoug there are seasonal contrasts, with a notable difference berween cities in the north and south of the country. Spain enjoys sunshine in most of its territory, considered a sunny country almost all year round, with atound 3.000 hours of sunshine per year, wich makes it a fixed destination for many foreaign tourists.

In this article we are going to focus on the climate and weather in Marbella as well as the weather on the Costa del Sol.


The following graph shows the daily temperature record for the last twenty years of the climate in the province of Málaga, where it can be seen that the seasonal uniformity has not been drastically altered.

What´s the weather like in Marbella?

Of you want to check the weather on the Costa del Sol because you are going to travel or because you live on the Costa del Sol, look at the following link through which you will access to the specific information about the weather in cities like Marbella day by day, hours.. https://www.eltiempo.es/marbella.html

The weather in Marbella

If you are water sports enthusiast, or you are going to travel or buy a house on the Costa del Sol, and you want to know what´s the weather like in relation to tides, wind speed, because you are going to travel by boat etc… Here is a link to another top rated webside for weather information https://www.windguru.cz/6340

How windy is it in Marbella and Tarifa

The weather in Málaga and MArbella in winter (W-D)

We know that Spain, as we said before, is a very sunny country with around 3.050 hours of sunshine per year, and the only exception we can find is the winter season, when we can enjoy the least hour of sunshine.

Even so, the winter in Málaga is very mild, even though it is the coldest months, it is not a city in the North of Spain where is is always advisable to have an umbrella nearby.

Even in winter we can find really typical spring days, when the thermometer is around 25 degrees and this means that there are winter days when we can find the image of people enjoying the beach, and some breve enough to even try the sea water.

That is why in the winter months we find a common influx of tourists from central and northern European countries who come in search of good temperatures and pleasant days.


Rest of seasons

In Marbella there is a short winter, a short summer but a long and pleasant spring. By this we mean that the temperature is so pleasant throughout most of the year that it is difficult to glimpse a hint of bad weather, and when it does occur, it usually makes the news because it is not a common occurrence.

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